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An online entrepreneur, full-time traveler, and your change marvel.

Uniquely made up of my passions, pursuits, and talents. (Exactly like you.) Today, I am an unshakeable optimist and passionate philanthropist who is committed to giving and receiving equally. I have proudly claimed the boss lady title and built a business that fuels me and transforms lives through yoga, life coach, business coach and consulting services. Sounds amazing, right? You might be thinking, ‘Was she born with a heaping dose of mindfulness or a lucky spoon’? No. I created my freedom and changed my world – you can too.

Love it. Change it. Or Leave it.

At the age of six, my mother died and left a painful void that I desperately yearned to fill. My family moved to a new country the very same year and I sank further into solitary trauma and grief, unreachable with a language barrier and lack of genuine relationships. I grew up, hardened, and left home at age 16, but family responsibilities trailed close behind.

Still, I built myself up and worked incredibly hard in the pursuit of all that hard work promises – status, financial stability, power, recognition. I found fast success in my work and quickly became a trusted leader. Consulting with employees, CEO’s and founders sparked the first dreams of business coaching and I fell in love with the opportunity to work with other go-getters.

As a business partner, I worked with top management across both tiny start-ups and large corporations. When the call came to relocate for work, I uprooted my life and followed blindly until I realized that a six-figure salary wasn’t what I truly needed or wanted.

I was overstressed, restless, and suffering through sleepless nights. One day, I decided to chase magic and beauty in pursuit of true abundance and never looked back. I harnessed positivity like a beam of light, infused love into everything that I did, and used inner power to change my inner world.

As a business & leadership coach and traveling yoga & meditation instructor, I have built a thriving business that brings peace, joy, movement and abundance to my life and the lives of those around me. I still face challenges on a daily basis, but I make the choice to dwell in harmony and abundance. I DARE DAILY.

I am on a mission to live every day with the same power and promise as the moment that I decided to break free. It is my honor to empower others to make positive changes that create unshakeable peace and harmony in their lives, too. Everyone deserves to live with abundance and business on their own terms.

I offer scholarships for Sylvia Jagla Life Coaching and Business Coaching services and am proud to volunteer around the world with meaningful, philanthropic organizations. My story proves that there is hope and possibility in this very moment. It all starts today with the decision to love it, change it, or leave it.

My Core Values

  • Freedom

  • Abundance

  • Joyfulness

  • Trust

  • Adventure

  • Fulfillment

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