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Project Organization

This custom-designed offline and/or online work for companies, corporations and non-profits propels leaders to new ways of working and living. Individual development while providing organisational growth. 
I partner with high-achieving individuals, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs who want an independent source for their organisational growth and individual success.
Providing tangible and trusted tools and frameworks to build purpose-driven companies and develop leaders for the digital future. Innovative and holistic workshops for effective leadership in our complex times are ensured.
At times, I act in the role of a business partner. Providing mentorship on leadership challenges, especially in transformations and dynamic organisations. I’ve successfully lead countless transformation projects and built teams and structures for digital readiness. Conscious co-creating and collaborating in any given moment towards organisational growth and individual fulfillment is guaranteed. 
Designing inspiring speeches for digital champions, workshops and mentorship not only to fuel your amazing leaders and workforce but also to represent you as a great place to work for every generation.

Current Areas Of Speciality Include:

  • Corporate Leadership
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Generation Gap
  • Work-Life-Balance a.k.a Work-Life-Flow
  • Anti-Stress Self-Management
  • Business Yoga & Meditation Workshops
  • Resilience Workshops
  • Brain & Body Training For Organisational Growth
  • Change Management
  • Business Coaching
  • New & Middle Management Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Talent Skills & Readiness
  • Future of Leadership & Work

Antje K.

“I had the pleasure working with Sylvia at Telefónica Deutschland where she was the HR expert for different topics. Sylvia brightened up every meeting with her positive aura, regardless of how many projects she had to handle at the same time.

She was in charge of very complex HR topics during the biggest merger of the company at that time and was still pushing topics such as education and support of young talents.

Sylvia is one of the smartest and well-organized women I was working with. I always knew I can rely on her word. Her positive mindset inspired me in my daily work routine.”

Individual and Organisational Growth

Ready for the express 
transformation train?

I partner with leaders, executives and senior management teams.

Exploring blind spots, expanding their leaders’ mindset to evolve personally and professionally. In this one-on-one coaching or group coaching, we focus on individual as well as organisational success. My holistic approach is unique and combines all aspects of being and working. Sustainable transformation in organisations and individuals is my passion.

Supporting teams in development and change projects.

I act as a change angel. Especially in transformations and change projects, alignment and trust around objectives and digital future are essential for engagement and overall successful reorganisation. I support companies and leaders to design digital readiness and progress in digital transformations.

Providing space for those who are new to leading.

And are eager to develop effective and innovative digital leadership styles. Feeling stuck or lost can be draining. I contribute meaningful and impactful approaches for new work.


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