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We’re changing the way the world works

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Online & Offline Events

Unbelievable things happen when you change the environment, board a plane or join a masterclass, retreat or event.

Seeing what we are capable of with the power of many minds makes me feel so confident that my events are an amazing place to change the way the world works and to further develop leadership skills in the digital age.

I don’t believe in one size fits all. In fact, I believe that Impulse talks are a great start but not the way how companies or leaders can alter sustainably.

I’ve been part of digital transformations.

Analysing, being part of them and leading hr projects with transformations allowed me to see change from different perspectives.

You’ll get a practicable, innovative and holistic experience.

You will leave with any event with:

  • clarity about yourself based on neuroscience and behavioral science
  • alignment regarding next level of motivation, efficiency and encouragement
  • tools, techniques or strategies to balance it “ALL”

Current Areas Of Speciality (Coaching, Training, Consulting)

Based On Neuroscience, Behavioral Science And Mindfulness Include:

  • Conscious Leadership in StartUps and Corporates
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Anti-Stress Self-Management
  • Business Yoga & Meditation Workshops
  • Resilience Workshops
  • Biases within organisations
  • Brain & Body Training For Organisational Growth
  • Change Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Early Stage & Middle Management Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Talent Skills & Readiness
  • Future of Leadership & Work

Events can include parts of coaching, training and consulting.




What you can expect

Tangible & Transformational takeaways

Trusted and tangible tools and techniques that will be customized to your needs.

Events are available online & offline

Space to grow and rise in order to create a team that is good for the company and workforce.

Result driven customized events

Make sure to keep up to to grow the company while developing people to be an attractive employer.


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7 Steps For Your Successful Goal Slayage When Working Remotely

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  • Daily Intentional Journaling
  • Work-Life-Flow-First Playlist
  • Guided Success & Flow Meditation
  • Free Focus Chat
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