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flow with sylvia

Business Coaching & Leadership Development

Running a business is more than just creating an income. It’s about doing what sets your soul on fire, so you feel great and perform great.

I help creative entrepreneurs and leaders who live a laptop lifestyle like you; be the healthiest and greatest version of yourself – personally and professionally!

flow with sylvia

Imagine how you would feel if you could:

  • stop questioning yourself, life and work 
  • be free from pressure and pushing so hard
  • FINALLY stop wondering about what to do to move your business to the next level
  • gain clarity and be unstoppable about what you want and how to get it
  • feel fired up about your laptop lifestyle and clarity about what to do and how to do it to enjoy working with ease, peace, and FLOW
  • Kick any self-sabotaging and doubting attitudes to the curb
  • focus on your purpose, meaning and true inner freedom (instead of getting stuck 14 hours in front of a screen, eating crappy food and having restless nights)
  • be mindful WHILE being CEO of your business and manage your work and team effortlessly and efficiently
  • MAKE THIS BIG CHANGE HAPPEN so you can stop stressing and start expanding in life & business 

It’s time to unlock your big, audacious goals and own your power unapologetically.

flow with sylvia

flow with sylvia

This custom 7-part coaching plan is focused on your mindset and business. Over the course of 11 weeks, you will have:

  • 1 x 6o minutes implementation call; this is where we sit down and you get to share all the things that have been going through your mind as you’ve been considering leveling up personally and professionally).
  • An exclusively designed program based on your implementation call.
  • 6 x 60 min intensive video calls (can be redeemed anytime within 11 weeks) where we will work towards your goals together.
  • Personalized notes after each session to help you stay on track, reframe thoughts and shift your mindset.
  • Unlimited feedback, support, and accountability check-in via email to ensure momentum and movement in the right direction.
  • Individual feedback and accountability after each session to help you reach your goals.
  • Direct contact via WhatsApp for sharing wins and challenges
  • Customized affirmation audio or guided meditations.
  • Innovative tools and worksheets to LEVEL UP life & business!
  • A dose of positive energy whenever needed to keep you excited while growing – personally and professionally! 

flow with sylvia

“Sylvia is an amazing coach, she is a living example of authentic leadership, someone who walks her talk. I find her work so inspiring and her dedication flow with sylviato helping women lead more balanced lives is remarkable. I’d highly recommend working with Sylvia to anyone who is looking to fulfill their dreams without the need to burn out, it’s a true blessing to learn from her.” – Ly A.

flow with sylvia

“Sylvia is the kind of mentor that listens with her heart and encourages us women to take a leap and follow our own hearts desire. Knowing that I haveflow with sylvia her support inspires me to keep moving toward my dreams.” – Olathe Sherman


You must be fully committed and give a whole-hearted effort to show up and get your shiz done. It’s time to LEVEL UP. It’s time to be ALL IN.


$1799 one time payment


2 payments of $900


3 payments of $600

flow with sylvia

What happens when I am accepted?

You’ll get an email with all the details and your welcome package! Pretty epic, right? It’s time to stop the funk and start your flow through life and work to create delicious, delightful and DARING intention and attitude so you can skyrocket your dreams.


“Sylvia’s character is incredibly calming and helped me to focus better. Through her I have managed to integrate more self-care time into my life, what was otherwise neglected. I have more energy for my goals and my life.flow with sylvia

In addition, Sylvia’s confidence has ensured that my seemingly unattainable goals have become real. She is a true role model for me and I am grateful from the heart that I can follow her on her way and look forward to everything from her in the future.” – Yvonne E.

7 Steps For Your Successful Goal Slayage When Working Remotely

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  • Daily Intentional Journaling
  • Work-Life-Flow-First Playlist
  • Guided Success & Flow Meditation
  • Free Focus Chat
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