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This is an exclusive and intensive program (3-6 months) which will be customized for you. You’re an executive or senior manager, ready to explore, expand and evolve while growing personally and accelerating professional goals. I partner with you to create awareness and new ways of achieving.


This custom-designed offline and/or online work for corporations and non-profits propels leaders to new ways of working and living so that they grow personally while providing organizational growth.


Seeing what we are capable of with the power of many minds makes me feel so confident that these events are an amazing opportunity for leaders, mindful corporates and StartUps to change the way they work. We develop leadership skills through neuroscience, behavioural science and mindfulness for tomorrows workforce.

Work with me

I’ve gained vast global experience and cross-cultural competence over the last 15 years which makes me your #1 resource for large scale corporations, companies, non-profit organisations and leaders.
I worked my way up from being almost homeless at the of 18, to be a high flyer with global corporates, to now becoming your source of a holistic approach in the digital age.
Over the last decade, I’ve devoted my energy to holistic professional & personal leadership development in order to overcome stigmas and support others in transformations. I spent ten years devouring books, working with leaders around the world and attending conferences all with the goal of becoming a better woman and leader. 
In my coaching and mentoring, I’m condensing my years of hard-won knowledge to help you make lasting change and to get further, faster.
Trust The Process.

Georg B.,
HGB Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

“It was a great pleasure to work with Sylvia Jagla in her role as HR Business Partner at Telefónica during the post-merger integration of E-Plus.

During this time Sylvia was able to demonstrate her excellent stakeholder management skills and to deepen her broad HR knowledge extremely quickly, especially regarding the individual and collective labour law aspects of carve-outs and transfer of operations.

Our collaboration in the context of outsourcing large parts of the IT department as well as reorganizing the remaining, IT functions towards OSP Management I experienced Sylvia as an intrinsically highly motivated colleague, who is able to work well in a dynamic working environment.

She has excellent experience knowledge from her previous functions in Human Resources and is characterized in particular by her committed and motivating attitude as well as her communicative and solution-oriented approach. I look forward to working with Sylvia again in the future.”

Why am I different?

TRUST and positive energy.

I have a gift. When I meet someone new, somehow it happens that it takes only a short amount of time until we understand and trust each other like we would have known each other for years.

This trust and openness make a fundamental base for holistic co-creating so we can evaluate various areas of professional and private life to get the best results for individual and organizational success.

My positive charisma and energy will be your kickass to implement and SUSTAIN the desired transformation. It is hard to describe by words, but if you jump on a short call with me, you will understand.

7 Steps For Your Successful Goal Slayage When Working Remotely

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  • Guided Success & Flow Meditation
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