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Sylvia Jagla HR Consulting

About us

Sylvia Jagla HR Consulting is a purpose and value driven Advising & Consulting company which specializes in accompanying investment companies as a consulting and advisory firm in all Human Resources relevant aspects.

We provide a unique mixture of management consulting, Human Resources management and end to end process consultant assistance in creating competitive advantage and revenue growth within investments. Reducing risks by creating the proper end-to-end solution for change management and transformation.

Sylvia Jagla Consulting focuses on assessing each business opportunity and presenting clear project planning and delivery in order to create trustful and long-term relationships.

Our Mission & Vision


To deliver outstanding results on any given project with a focus on achieving short- as well as long-term company and investment goals.


We believe that change is a necessary part of (company) life in current times. We aim to help make any change as smooth and future-oriented as possible. The nature of a human being is to resist a change and/or being afraid of it. With the right tools, communication and project management, we make the change happen without unnecessary difficulties.



We stand for clear communication, updates on the real status of a project and any adjustments.

Agility & flexibility

Need to fly around the globe for negotiations? Need to create an ad hoc project plan or carry out full reorganization paperwork to employees? We will, with a smile and eagerness.

Extra mile

When we are on a project, there is no “nine to five” or halfway solutions for us. We work to deliver and this is in the center of our focus.

What We Do

Sylvia Jagla Consulting provides individual assessment and customized forecast for unique solutions within Human Resources.

After 20 years in business and over 13 combined years in human resources, we’ve been working with CEO’s, founders, top managers and executives in corporate and start-up environments.

Building strategies and growing values for investors is our main goal.

Main areas of expertise include:

Transformation & Reorganization

Helping to build a lean and agile organizational structure  (incl. recruitment, reduction, insourcing, outsourcing, and further intercompany shifts).

Maintaining Or Building Good Working Conditions

Company culture and working conditions for the successful utilization of people. Managing and accompanying change processes. Preparing communication plans.


We have successfully carried out various outsourcing & insourcing projects in one of the biggest European Telco mergers as well as lead a team with the responsibility of carrying out the documentation of +1500 redundancy packages and company-wide changes of employee positions. Finding solutions for tough negotiations or critical deadlines and reaching the goal with the best possible results.

Contact Us 


WhatsApp: +49 176 24572025

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