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Leaders Mindfulness Masterclass

Harnessing neuroscience to build 5x more high-performance & wellbeing

First of all, thank you so much for interest in working with me.

This topic is my passion and this Mindfulness workshop will help every leaders and teams to:

  • explore themselves on a different level
  • expand from the insight out straight away
  • evolve their personal & professional leadership
  • build high-performing workforce based on wellbeing and mindfulness
  • harness neurscience to help leaders and workforce to create new ways of working in the digital age.

This 2 hours (or longer, up to you!) workshop is based on my 15 years of work experience, degree, neuroscience and yoga science.

Testimonial Angelika Wrona, Chair of Mental Health & Wellbeing CNG at Metropolitan Thames Valley
“Content was 11 out of 10… She connected with all the learners. Her delivery was authentic and genuine…”
Angelika Wrona, Chair of Mental Health & Wellbeing CNG

Who is it for?

Leaders and people who want to thrive on change & embrace ambiguity.
Those who want to lead the cultural transformation and stay competitve.
Implement conscious and self for new ways of working.

5 tools to thrive

1. Your own organisation (body & brain)

  • Understanding body & brain and the stress management system
  • The nature of stress, overwhelm and anxiety
Your Own Organisation (Body & Brain)

2. Don’t just survive, thrive

  • Wellness assessment
  • Learn how you can use these insights today to build routines and sustainable habits for ongoing altering within fast paced environment.
Don’t just survive, thrive

3. Train your brain

  • Tangible trusted and tried tools based on neuroscience and business yoga
  • Introduction into Business Meditation (without adding anything on your calendar)
Train your brain

4. Train your body

  • Tangible, trusted and tried tools and practical breath and body exercises
  • Introduction into Business Yoga
Train your body

5. Your 5 tools To Thrive

  • Creation of an individual self-management system that can be applied straight away (great especially for challenging times)
  • Guided visualisation
Your 5 tools To Thrive

How does it work?

In your office or any other venue.
You choose the number of participants.
When: Date TBA. Duration: 2 hours or more.
Testimonial Michelle
“…You can confidently work and strive towards meeting the goals you’ve set for…”
Michelle Abdollah, Field Consultant at 7-Eleven
Participants will receive handouts and a one-of-a-kind holistic experience which will provide a transformation from the inside out. Understanding and analysing mental and physical health in order to know triggers and take control of the body and mind response. We’ll create a unique tool kit which will support participants individually to leverage their personal & professional leadership daily:
  • How to manage body, mind, and stress in the digital age
  • How to enhance intuition for work and life
  • The guide to new ways of working and leading

Harnessing Neuroscience, pioneer the mindset and create practices for tomorrow’s workplace’s

Let’s lead up in the digital age

5 Customized tools

All it takes to create your transformational 5 tools for high-performance and inner peace.

Behind the scenes

See exactly how I’ve created my way from a overwhelmed workoholic to a healthy and high-performing JOYaholic.

Sustained growth

Discover how conscious leading and a transformational masterclass differ and why you need this in the digital age.
Sylvia Jagla

About Sylvia, your facilitator

Gratuaded at Universtiy of Applied Science in Germany. Certified coach, trainer and Yoga Teacher. Worked with hundreds of leaders within corporates and startups. After becoming a high-flyer in fast paced organizations, Sylvia decided to focus on changing the way the world works. She’s been leading HR projects within the biggest telecommunication merger in Europe.

Change management and transformation in the digital age is part of her DNA. Intrinsically motivated to provide her experience, studies and learnings about how neursocience and behavioral science are helping evolve conscious leadership mindsets for to tomorrow’s workplace’s.

Let’s work together!

All the events are custom-design on your needs.

7 Steps For Your Successful Goal Slayage When Working Remotely

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  • Daily Intentional Journaling
  • Work-Life-Flow-First Playlist
  • Guided Success & Flow Meditation
  • Free Focus Chat
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