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LinkedIn Leaders

Let Me Guess. You Started Your Business Because You Wanted Freedom?



Welcome To LinkedIn Leaders!

Set yourself up for success with this 4-week immersive online course that gives you all support, confidence and energy to TURN YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY.

And start to focus on your impact while making an income through the power of LinkedIn.

If you want to unleash your potential and unlock opportunities you didn’t expect, this course will blow your mind.

From struggling to thriving with your accountability partner, me. 

Imagine yourself

  • Being seen, heard and hired as an expert in your field
  • Clear about what you want to create in the world
  • Gaining confidence who you’re as an expert
  • Creating content consistently and never running out of ideas
  • Finding aligned clients to grow your service-based business
  • Developing leadership to stop procrastinating and start powering through

This program is made for the rising leader and entrepreneur focused on expanding their reach and building their service-based business from anywhere.

Contrary to other LI courses we won’t focus only on tech staff or generic lead generation through robotic “quick- fix” methods.

This course is made for authentic, aligned and purpose-driven creators.

Do you remember when you started out on LI? Clueless, full of hesitation and kind of lost… eager, driven and passionate to get started. But how and where to start?

Well, you started following others, checked out all the freebies and maybe even bought or were thinking about the paid LI option? Try, figure out and learn how others make this whole LinkedIn thing work.

Sylvia Jagla

Let me guess. You started your business because you wanted freedom?

Make money with your talent. Work from anywhere. Feel fulfilled and enjoy your life.

You studied countless courses, built your website and your dream started.

But instead of freedom, you realized slowly that you’re actually trapped.

If you can empathize, here’s a new story:

There is a different way.

I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I’ve created it for myself.

An imperfect journey – but wildly different.

“You’ve changed.” they say. And yes, I feel it. 

Peaceful mind in the morning. Resilient in the storm. An authentic and aligned leader.

I’ve created this ultimate life-work-integration.

You may have mastered lots of knowledge or even business basics, not it’s time for the next chapter: balanced modern entrepreneur.

I’m ready to become a LinkedIn leader

They tell you that this is a very professional corporate environment. Telling you that you don’t have a big community there that is interested in your visionary business. And those who you’re connected with, might cause lots of limiting beliefs.

I feel you. I’ve been there as well.

Turn your brand and mindset consciously and become a Leader in life and business by expanding your reach.

… Even if you’re just starting out in your journey, or even starting from scratch without a clue how to use this platform – this course is perfect for you!

Welcome to Conscious LinkedIn Leaders.

Guess what? There has never been a better time to become your most authentic, true and highest SELF (yes, that’s included here!) to GROW your business on LinkedIn …

… When you do it from a place of purpose, greater good and leadership.

People don’t buy because of a robotic rule-following business, they buy because of YOU and your energy.

The blueprint of roadmap with one-size fits all is over. It’s not working on any platform anymore.

Wondering why you are not moving the needle on LINKEDIN?

This year is one of the best years to grow your business on LinkedIn. 

Perhaps you have even tried sharing and posting on LinkedIn but without any idea how and what or how much “return on investment”.

It’s time for you to GO BIG with your personal & professional brand, reconnect with your authentic message and aligned audience.

In 4 weeks, we’ll create a new foundation for the way you live and work!

I’m ready to become a LinkedIn leader

Sylvia Jagla

Did you hear about those simple LinkedIn facts?

  • Over 610 million global active users on LinkedIn, but
  • Only about 1 % of these users create content monthly
  • Additionally, 44 % of LinkedIn users earn more than USD 75.000 per year
  • 4 of 5 LinkedIn fam members drive business decisions
  • This platform has a different vibe than all the others: “I’m here to make an impact and income.”
  • Every type of content is supported: Micro blogs, native videos, images, audio and more
  • Friendliest and most honest community and algorithms, making sure you and your content will be supported and seen

Last, but not least…

“Hubspot found out that LinkedIn is 277 % more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.”

Yes, 277 % more effective.

LinkedIn isn’t just a place for outdated resumes or to stalk ex-colleagues or bosses in the corporate world. 

LinkedIn is the hottest, sexiest and friendliest platform when it comes to:

  • Algorithms
  • Co-Creators aka Competition
  • Business opportunities
  • Creating a community

This platform is still developing and growing and it will be one of the most powerful sales places. Don’t miss out on starting sooner than later.

I’m ready to become a LinkedIn leader

Sylvia Jagla

My business exploded for me when I started getting out of my own way, became clear on my vision and WHO I REALLY AM (aka personal brand) and who I was serving. Being my true self based on authenticity, vulnerability and consistently showing up (content challenge!) allowed me to hit epic goals and beyond!

This is not about following any rules or laws, it’s about stepping out of line the way it feels good to you in order to become the visionary entrepreneur you want to be.

Believe me, it will scare the shit out of you, create lots of confidence and even more importantly, help you to become a LinkedIn Leader.



  • Discover your real purpose, personal values and brand pillars
  • Dive deep to discover and release your blockages 
  • Gain a crystal-clear approach about your LinkedIn Goal & Business
  • Create your LinkedIn Leaders mindset to harness the power of your personal brand


  • Bring your profile up to date incl. title, summary and photos.
  • Profile hacks and activities that represent your authentic brand and business
  • Content creation strategy aka breakthrough to face fears and eliminate excuses.
  • Your LinkedIn launch plan and sales funnel as a LinkedIn Leader


  • Conscious community building to share and sell with ease and flow
  • Searching, expand and curating connections
  • How to set up a LinkedIn Group and share purposefully
  • How to expand your connection to serve and sell


  • “Unlock” the flow of unstoppable momentum
  • How to Post & Analyse LinkedIn Content
  • Creating, repurposing and cross-sharing your content on different platforms via Buffer
  • Growth Hacks to maintain the awesome momentum

LINKEDIN LEADERS is for you, if …

  • You’re an early-stage entrepreneur, community creator, coach or soon-to-be service-based business owner
  • You want to go from confusion to clarity in your business and use your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • You’re absolutely ready to make an impact and income on LinkedIn
  • You’re unclear about your next steps and what and where to start with
  • You’re a new entrepreneur who is eager and driven
  • You’re ready to go big and do the damn work

However, this is not for you, if…

  • You’re looking for a get- quick- rich formula
  • You want a done-for-you roadmap and blueprint
  • You are not willing to do the inner work and take real action

In this course, you will get

  • 4 online live trainings (up to 60 minutes, replay available)
  • Additional 2 Q&A calls
  • Workbooks and downloadable resources
  • Templates to get started straight away
  • Access to an unbelievable global community
  • Lifetime access to all content, which will be provided via an exclusive membership website
  • Free access to every round I’ll be running or expanding this course


  • Accountability partner for 4 weeks – Personal support via Messenger (shoot me your questions from Mon – Fri)
  • How to create a video for LI within no time
  • How to start a podcast from scratch
  • How to become a speaker
  • 30 minutes coaching call with Sylvia

This is the only course that combines:

The Back End

  • Foundation
  • Mindset
  • Clarity

The Deep End

  • Consistent Content
  • LI Success Set Up
  • Confidence

The Front End

  • Leadership & Business Building
  • Sales Funnel Set Up
  • Clients
Sylvia Jagla

Hi, I’m Sylvia!

And I’m so thrilled to be sharing all of the knowledge, learnings and love of the LinkedIn platform with you in this program.

I’ve collected and created this immersive 4-week course on everything I can teach you since showing up as an authentic personal and professional brand, building a multiple 5-figures business within the first year and growing an aligned and engaged community on LinkedIn and offline.

Thanks to LinkedIn, I attracted some absolutely mind-blowing opportunities including:

  • building my business from the ground up
  • creating a multiple five-figure business in my first 12 months
  • got invited for interviews
  • invited to speak around the world
  • running workshops for employers

and recently I was announced for the “101 Most Fabolous Global Coaching Leaders” award.

This is not a sprint but a marathon.

You’ll be able to show up with ease and master the flow as a LinkedIn Leader. You will be able to enjoy your freedom … and finally breathe.

It’s not just a course, it’s a community and I’ll invite some of the experts to share their knowledge with you.

Whoever will do the work and join my “Online Public Speaking Masterclass”, can win a speaking gig and join the “Dreambuilders” on stage in Portugal.

Are you ready to go with me behind the scenes and build your business while becoming a LinkedIn Leader?


How does it work?

You’ll get 4 modules. One per week with additional downloadables. We’ll have 3 live group trainings together. Recording will be available if you can’t make it.

Who is this for? Can I have a job or do I need to have a business?

This program is designed for freelancers, early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners. Specially created to grow your personal and professional brand and become an authentic and aligned authority on LinkedIn to attract the ideal client, opportunities and sell products and services.

How much time do I need to implement the content?

The course is designed to be completed over 4 weeks. You’ll get weekly videos with complementary workbooks. How much time you spend on creating and implementing is up to you. I will encourage and support you to complete the work weekly so you can keep up and gain momentum.

Do you guarantee results?

I will fully show up as your LinkedIn partner and support you along the journey with all my heart and energy. However, results will vary based on the time, focus and energy you put into it – therefore there is no guarantee. Whatsoever, you’ll be able to join every next round in and start over and over again.

If you’re ready to become a conscious LinkedIn Leader, build your brand and business while rising and thriving on this platform, massive results will follow.


With gratitude & gumption,


I’m ready to become a LinkedIn leader

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