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DD #11: What it takes to be your true self

Dare Daily
Dare Daily
DD #11: What it takes to be your true self

Today’s DD is filled with lots of wisdom for women. My dear friend, Stepanka Hojdova shares her journey. We dive deep into healing, creating and overcoming challenges.

She’s the founder of Women’s Talks, where she creates a safe space for women to heal.


  • What it takes and how to actually be your true self
  • The connection between your soul, energy, and freedom
  • How to apply simple spiritual tools on a daily basis
  • The new “strong” in life, business, and relationships
  • Healing, connecting with yourself and living on your terms
  • Last but not least, how to start a project when nobody believes in you

If you’re feeling scared, lost, confused or emotionally drained, this one is for you. You’ll gain lots of inspiration, peace, joy, clarity and even the empowerment to take your first turtle steps.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to start living their life on their own terms. Magical, raw and real. I hope you enjoy!


Stepanka Hojdova

Stepanka is a life coach for women. She uses a solution-focused approach and also deep coaching techniques. Stepanka is also the founder of Women´s Talks platform where it is safe to heal through openness and sharing.

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