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DD #19: The Power Of Encouragement In A Community

Dare Daily
Dare Daily
DD #19: The Power Of Encouragement In A Community

So excited to have my dear friend and business partner on today’s podcast episode.

Patrick Farrell shares his personal story on how he was able to level up personal and professional leadership through the power and empowerment of a community. 


  • The power of personal development and growth 
  • 6 human needs and why it’s important to know them 
  • What being programmed means and how to start changing it 
  • How challenges can change your way of living positively  
  • The approach of abundance in a completely new way
  • What it means to create your reality and 
  • How you can do it to live a life true to yourself and not others! 

Patrick shows us the unique power of community and how we can raise our vibrations together. Creating a support system to provide and receive help will help you stop feeling lonely no matter where you’re in this world. Or at which stage you’re in your life. You aren’t alone there.  

This episode is perfect for anyone who is ready to explore different views on living and working and is curious about creating meaningful relationships. 

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Come as a stranger, leave as a friend!

Looking forward to meeting you!


Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell is from New York City but has been traveling the world for the past couple of years as a photographer and software engineer. He’s the founder of “Those That Inspire” Global Community. 

In May of 2016, Patrick quit his job in Manhattan as a software engineer. He booked a one-way ticket to Cartagena, Columbia to board the Nomad Cruise that changed his life forever and taught him all the skills that he wants to share with you online and offline.

He has a passion for teaching others about entrepreneurship, taking awesome photos, social media and how to fly drones. Patrick believes that you can live a life of passion and enjoy your career while making money doing something you love! 

Business, Life, Relationships, Well-Being

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