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DD #4: Financial Well-Being & Self-Worth

Dare Daily
Dare Daily
DD #4: Financial Well-Being & Self-Worth

Today’s DD episode is a truth-bomb about money, self-worth and financial well-being with the amazing Alexis Harvey. The first one I’ve ever conducted.

Alexis shares her own challenging journey with money and how she conquered it. Today, she loves to help others with “The Wealth Worthy Journey” to create sustainable financial freedom and well-being.

– how to start to create financial well-being fast (3 proven tips)
– why just trusting the universe and following your truth might not be enough
– making peace with who you’re right now
– and much more!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to start creating financial freedom and stop stressing about money.


Alexis Harvey

Alexis’ helps heart-centered entrepreneurs & professionals make more money doing what they love, to create the freedom & impact they desire. Her no BS approach enables her clients to not only uncover unconscious beliefs holding them back but to also take practical action towards their financial goals.

Four years ago she developed her own money management system, The Abundance Planner & Tracker, that has now transformed lives all over the world. In her flagship transformational 6-week online program, The Wealth Worthy Journey. She now gets to see her students radically increase their income, self-worth & net worth.

When she’s not working Alexis I loves getting out in nature, doing yoga, being near the ocean & stomping to psytrance.

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