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DD #5: Ever feel burned out?

Dare Daily
Dare Daily
DD #5: Ever feel burned out?

Today’s episode is with Ly Aunapu, an amazing leadership coach and the founder of “Zensual Woman“.

Ly is a raw, real and authentic woman! Can’t tell you how much joy and pleasure is gonna reach you while listening to it.


  • how to be at peace and honest with yourself
  • why you should “stay” on an escalator:)
  • how to take care of yourself
  • 6 steps on how to get back on track FAST

In addition, we talk about what to do when you face or go towards a meltdown, and how important it’s to be in stillness to connect with ourselves.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to awaken her feminine power and start creating an understanding of why we need to choose consciously in order to enjoy our ongoing journey with ourselves daily. 


Ly Aunapu

Ly Aunapu is a leadership coach, accredited Journey practitioner and a founder of Zensual Woman, a movement created to help women feel confident without having to fake it and play a bigger game in life. Despite being a published journalist since age 16 and obtaining a masters in journalism, she realized later in life that her true passion is to help women.

She now works spreading her message globally through live workshops, coaching women one-on-one, and by supporting her community on social media.

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