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DD #18: How to Access Your Inner Truth & Become Your Own Best Friend

Dare Daily
Dare Daily
DD #18: How to Access Your Inner Truth & Become Your Own Best Friend

Christina Heike shares some insight today on a number of things, but mainly how to hold yourself in love and give yourself the support you need when challenges arise in life.

With the help of New Decision Therapy, Christina has helped her clients permanently release their blockages so they can become more in tune with who they are and live more fulfilled lives.


  • Christina’s younger life as odd ball of the family (she felt unloved, not seen, misunderstood, didn’t fit in)
  • How yoga was an integral part of Christina’s healing
  • How to apply the knowledge you gain to grow
  • Parents hand down ancestral trauma
  • Decision making processes are impaired in people with trauma
  • The process Christina uses to release emotional blockages
  • The interrelation of energy, emotions, and health
  • Learn how to hold yourself in love
  • We all need support at different times in our life

Christina reminds us that we are not made perfect but it’s important to become a warrior not a worrier. Learning how to balance oneself again and again is essential because life will not stop giving out challenges. 

This episode is perfect for anyone who is ready to explore different healing modalities so they can find peace within themselves and become their own best friend.


Christina Heike

Christina Heike is an international Trauma and Emotional Clearing Expert who seeks to inspire and empower her clients to unveil the best versions of themselves and embrace their human-ness to Begin Living Cloudless Days – key to a peaceful world.

She synthesizes science and spirituality and holds MS degrees in Special Education, Educational Psychology and Science of Sports, and is a German certified Naturopathic and Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher of 30+ years.

Born in Berlin as a highly sensitive child in a non sensitive family, she gained insights into the volatile nature of the human mind, emotion, and relationships. Questioning the suffering of people (and her own), injustice, the spiritual quest (why are we here?) and physical pains brought her to her first Yoga class at age 12, a first step of many in finding tools to balance body, heart-mind, spirit. She focuses on connection, (self) forgiveness and choosing to be compassionately present.

For the last 19 years, she has guided her clients through their inner maze, gently and with clarity – permanently releasing blockages from past pains and ancestors through the mirror and forgiveness work of New Decision TherapyT M . Christina is passionate about supporting her clients to reconnect with themselves, to live a FULL-filled life. Her clients span from students to executives who seek to tap into their full potential and find clarity for a life in high definition. She is a keynote speaker and visual artist.

She immigrated to New York City three years ago with her then 9 year old son.

Life, Relationships, Well-Being, Womanhood

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